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Sri Sai Kitchen & Interiors is a Kumbakonam-based experiential design and furnishing agency driven by innovation and interaction. Each day, here at Sri Sai Kitchen & Interiors, as we set to work we derive inspiration from the world around us. These sparks of genius combined with experimentation inspires to create sustainable and balanced designs, for you, our client. A Home is not just the work of an architect; it should be a place where a person and a family lives. Things changes and the way of living changes. We as a designer addresses every aspect of your furnishing needs including ambiance by considering the lighting, furniture designs , wall decor etc. A dedicated and talented group of architects, interior designers, furniture designers and contractors are here to take on any challenges that may arise along the journey to creating your ideal abode. Because we know that your surroundings, be it home or office, is what motivates you to success and being a part of your success is a huge deal for us. So let us help you make your space cherishable.

About us

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We will do the design of most modern kitchens & work area, that are creative, distinctive, and unique expressions of your lifestyle. We aim to transform your house into your dream home .Wide range of modular wardrobes with lot models to select from.The range of wardrobe intend functionally useful accessories will leave you spoilt for choice. Each wardrobe is customized to suit your taste and requirement. Strength has been in anticipating and understanding the market needs and offering solutions to clients to make their work environment more inspiring.

We are a dedicated customer-oriented proactive, loyal and accountable building and architectural design group with a quest for excellence in both design and facility management through sustainable building solutions people empowerment and brand equity to produce world class architectural designs by adopting best business practices and ethics

  • By delivering customized solutions with superior service.
  • Timely delivery with speed,agility and creativity.
  • Providing environmental friendly shelters and green and human architecture.

To be a path breaker for innovative solutions for contemporary and futurstics architectural designs and facility managements in the year 2022. Versatile and cost effective exterior designs with respect to elevation and plan.

  • Customer friendly interior design for mobility and natural light availability.
  • Be the value added player in the growing architectural design core sector.
  • I will hone and sustain its expertise and cutting edge technology in architectural design by constant bench marking against global leaders.

We believe that being a service provider, each service, we render must be a value for money making our client satisfied and upgrading our skills even better.

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